Metallurgical Coke

Lumps Fines
Size 20-150mm 0-6mm
Fixed Carbon (Min) 85% 60-70%
Sulphur (Max) 0.80% 1%
Volatile Matter (Max) 2% 5%
Ash (Max) 12.75% 32%
Moisture (Max) 5% 2%



Metallurgical Coke is made in from coking coal in coke oven without the presence of oxygen. We sell both coke lumps and coke fines as per requirement. The application of Met Coke is as listed below:

Application in Steel:

  • In blast furnace for energy and reduction process
  • In electric arc furnace as injection coke In induction furnace as carburizer

Application in Foundry:

  • Cupola Furnace

Other Industries

  • Additive for refractory coating
  • Adsorbent and fuel for waste disposal services