Exfoliated Vermiculite

Analysis: Average Moisture : 7.89% Loss on Ignition : 11.05% Si O2 : 30.52% Fe2O3 : 16.32% TiO2 : 2.63% Al2 O3 : 14.74% CaO : 9.47% MgO : 3.68% Alkalies : 3.68% Volumes of expansion on heating : 14 times (average)


It is an insulation mineral, poor conductor of heat and electricity. Raw vermiculite expands to 14 times on heading about 850 degree Celsius. Expanded Vermiculite is light weight (low bulk density) and chemically inert.


  • Exfoliated Vermiculite finds use in Agriculture and horticulture and also in dry crops as a carrier of water, pesticide and fertilizer and herbicide.
  • It also finds industrial application in the form of insulation bricks and particle boards and electrical and thermal insulation.
  • Research and development work will be taken up with the help of Agricultural University so as to identify various usages of exfoliated vermiculite in Agricultural sector for higher yields.
  • To create awareness among farmer community and general public on the use of exfoliated vermiculite in Agriculture and Horticulture areas.