Aluminium Dross (Ifdox)

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Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3)
Aluminium (Al)
Silicon (Si)


In the Induction Furnace melting it is normally difficult to get the Slag deoxidized and get” White Slag” as in the Electric Arc Furnaces. The formation of ‘White Slag’ ensure in a way that the steel is in a better state of deoxidation and the slag is having very low Iron Oxide (FeO) content which also denote that steel quality should be better.

With the use of Sponge Iron the condition of slag worsen further as the slag contain much higher percentage of Iron Oxide (FeO). Moreover, carbon reduction of the steel promotes formation of iron oxide so the iron oxide content of slag is much higher than where Sponge Iron had not been used.

Our SVI- IFDOX is in powder form and dissipates on the slag very fast. It is having very potent deoxidizers for the steel and reacts quickly with the Iron oxide in the slag and deoxidizes the available slag first and then steel.

Quantity: Approx 0.5 Kg per ton.

How to use: Before slag off add SVI IFDOX @ 0.5 Kg /T and rabble the mix thoroughly. The slag will start to foam. Remove the foamy slag.

Expected Benefits:

Saving in consumption of Ferro- Silicon

Better recovery of Silico- Manganese

Improvement in steel quality

Recovery of Fe from slag

For Electric Arc furnace EAFDOX of specification Aluminium ( 7-9%) and alumina ( 70-75%) is used for fluidizing the slag. For the same basicity higher the alumina more fluid is the slag. So even slag with basicity of 4.5 – 5.0 can be made fluid by controlling alumina. It is suggested to add before start of LF process preferably at temperature beyond 1590 degrees centigrade.


Met Coke Lumps_S V Ispat


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